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Anthony McDaniel
2017-08-16, 03:00
My family attended the class together and learned what we needed to learn to get the Concealed Weapons Permit in Florida and actually stayed awake during the class! Tom makes the time go by quickly because he's well prepared, very knowledgeable and funny along the way. A big thumbs up for Tom Flanagan and Tampa Bay Gun School!
Wade Cole
2017-06-20, 23:28
Tampa Bay Gun School's Pistol Safety Course is like to other. Our instructor Tom has a passion for gun safety and a genuine care of his students. This is not the cookie cutter, herding cattle concealed weapon course you will find at gun shows. The course is extremely thourough; yet you will not find yourself lost in details due the the great instruction and organization of the content. You don't just look at photos of a gun on a projector screen, but you get to actually have a pistol in hand throughout the course. Whether you are a first time shooter or a seasoned shooter, you will certainly learn a lot. Tom does a great job at making a serious topic fun and enjoyable.
2017-05-07, 21:30
I was apprehensive at first about handling a firearm, but after sitting through this course I feel that I've gained a great understanding on both handling and safety with a firearm. This course was full of education and a very competent instructor. I would recommend this course to anyone who is considering a firearm, or just curious about them. It was an enjoyable and comfortable environment. Please check it out!
Warren Ayotte
2017-04-12, 11:32
Before taking the class at Tampa Bay Gun School I had no experience with guns at all. After taking the class I felt much more comfortable handling and talking about guns. Tom taught everything I needed to know to feel confident enough to pick up gun and put a few rounds down the range. Thanks to him sharing his experience with me I can make an educated decision on purchasing and carrying a weapon. Thanks Tom!!
Tim Ferguson
2017-04-10, 14:23
I attended the NRA certified training from Mr. Flanagan from Tampa Bay Gun School. The time flew and I was surprised that I passed the test; we covered a voluminous amount of data, much of which I had not heard before.
I would highly recommend this to anyone even considering getting a CWP. Even if not it is clearly information that would help others understand why/what/how people even own guns. Also check out 'How not to be a Victim' also from Mr. Flanagan *****
Dylan Hall
2017-04-09, 15:22
I highly recommend taking Tom's class. He is patient, knowledgeable, and funny. In just a few hours I learned enough to feel confident at the range. I wouldn't go anywhere else for any further gun instruction. Thanks Tom!
2016-12-21, 14:54
I recently attended the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course taught by Tom Flanagan. I enjoyed the course thoroughly. Tom was extremely informative, patient, and continually kept me engaged and eager to learn more. We also had the opportunity to go to a shooting range. As far as the knowledge acquired during the course and Tom's assistance, I felt extremely comfortable. Overall I enjoyed the class and Tom as an instructor. I definitely recommend signing up!

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